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Once Clone Left, the arcade action single & multiplayer top-down shooter.

Clone yourself for extra lives and allies that will help you fight against the zombies and other factions.

Blackshirts is there to scavenge, The Hand is there to prove themselves in unarmed combat and the Government comes in to purge the infected.


  • Local single or multiplayer via LAN
  • Play co-op (up to 4 players) or deathmatch (up to 6 players)
  • Enemy waves increase in difficulty
  • Leveling system with choice of randomized perks
  • Random scripted events and enemies
  • NPC allies that fight alongside you and provide quests and tips
  • Day and night cycles
  • Randomized map layout in co-op maps
  • Factions fight each other and the creatures of the night resulting in non-stop action and carnage!

Minimum Requirements
Windows XP SP3/Windows 7/Windows 8
A multi-core processor
3D Gaphics card that supports DirectX 9
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5/4.0
Network play via TCP/IP (LAN)
200 MB available disk space

Internet play, though possible is not recommended since this an arcade action game that requires a very low latency connection (LAN is perfect).

Content rating
The game contains depictions of blood, gore and violence

Legal bits...
The software is licensed, not sold. Before playing the game you will have to agree to the included End User License Agreement (EULA).

One Clone Left is Copyright 2014 Button Software. All rights reserved

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